Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am doing it

  • Well, I decided to go with Eastern Gateway to get my RN. I met with my advisor on Thursday and I just need to get my transcripts sent in to see where I stand with my pre reqs. I am hoping I have a lot taken care of already. Have to fill out my fafsa verification papers and get those into the school as well. I am hoping to have everything taken care of and start going this May!!!! I am stoked!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

wow what a week!!

Work was CRAZY!!!!! Lets just say it wasnt the best week....

I kinda fell off the diet bandwagon last week as well, but back at it this week with full force ahead!!!

Pittsburgh is going to the Super Bowl!!! How awesome...'cept I'll be at work and will have to watch in snipits

Thursday, January 13, 2011

wow can you say jacked up??

The last 2 nights have been jacked up at work......Craziness, craziness and yes even more craziness!!!

Lets see, there has been a fight breaking out between Residents, Residents being off the wall crazy, admissions to hospital, being followed on med pass ( in preperation for upcoming state survey) (and that added like 40 minutes to my pass) and all around craziness!!!

I need to have a nice quiet uneventful night today

On a side note however, I did really well on my med pass, and my supervisor said she hopes state follows me when they come in.....well thnks for the vote of confidence but I dont want to be followed!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

welcome 2011

With the New Year comes new opportunities, a fresh start!!

What are YOUR resolutions?!

I have several resolutions, and I resolve to not let them go by the wayside

First and most importantly, I resolve to get closer to God in have HIM be more of a presence.....for Him to be MORE and me to be LESS......I need to get more involved in church and get my family more that end I am going to try to request off work the first Wed of every month starting in Feb so that I can go to First Wed......I have never yet been able to attend but am looking forward to going!! Also I want my kids to be able to attend youth services at least 1 wed night each month

Secondly, I resolve to lose weight....I want to get rid of this excess 45-50 lbs I have been carrying around for far too long! I have signed up for Zumba classes 3 mornings a week.....I have a feeling it will kick my butt, but in a good way!!! I also resolve to eat right, pay attention to portion sizes and eat in MODERATION!!!

Thirdly, I need to really learn to not sweat the small stuff.....and guess what folks, it really is all small stuff!!!

OK well off my soapbox!!! Wishing all a happy and prosperous 2011.....Let it be your best one yet

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

have made my decision

As I previously stated, I was struggling between 2 schools to apply to in order to get my RN. I have made my decision to go with Eastern Gateway Community College.....the reasons being, 1) they will take several of my credits from YSU many many moons ago, 2) they offer many courses online, 3) they are only $99 per credit hour and 4) from what I hear they make transferring to other institutions very easy

So, tomorrow I will fill out the application and mail it in along with the application fee and start filling out financial aid paperwork..... hopefully come spring I will once again be a college student

Monday, November 8, 2010

manic monday

hello world....boy do I wish that I were still in bed.....but no

Busy day and week ahead......lots to do......

For today, the usual of cooking dinner before I go to work, some cleaning and of course laundry. Then work, I dont mind the work its self but I do really wish that I was able to work a normal person dayshift job and actually be able to see my family more than just a day or so per week.....that gets REALLY old after a bit

Have been talking and thinking of going back to get my RN for a while now, but I am really seriously looking into going somewhere spring semester......I really need to get this ball rolling....I figure if I go now I can get good funding thru a pell grant and also of course student loans...I just need to decide on a school, tossing back and forth between 2 of them, both offer online courses I believe but for 1 I would need to transfer after completing the pre reqs because the actual nursing courses are at the main campus which is 2 hours away; the pro to that school is the fact that a lot of classes that I took in high school might possibly transfer to them, thus eliminating a LOT of classes (and of course, $$$$)

A LOT to think about

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nice weekend off work

Oh boy, it is sooooo nice to have the weekend off....esp after working til 3 am on Friday night.....

Saturday we chillaxed, played some games with the kids and cuddled with the hubby and watched the movie Splice.......stupid, but he liked it....well at least next time I get to choose the movie

Today we went to the mall and I got lots of ideas for Christmas, at least for the girls....the boys went their own way....

Came home and had a yummy and low carb dinner, yes they can co!!! We had marinated sirloin steak and green beens

Sad that tomorrow I have to venture back to work.....alas weekends are never long enough!!